Seednet is a national seed business (formerly AWB Seeds). It has the vision, skills, infrastructure and commitment to provide leadership and direction to the breeding, acquisition, development and distribution of superior grain varieties.


With the recent acquisition of Viterra Australia’s AgriProducts division by Landmark Operations Ltd, the Viterra Seeds business is being incorporated into Seednet.
All Viterra Seeds varieties are now being managed by Seednet so seed of these varieties will be available via our network of Seednet Partners, and orders should now be placed directly with them.
Seednet is also managing the End Point Royalty system for Viterra Seeds varieties so all EPR payments for these varieties are now payable to Seednet, either direct or via Auto Deducting grain marketers.
We look forward to working with growers and agronomists to further develop Viterra Seeds varieties and we will upload the variety Factsheets etc. onto this website as they are re-branded to Seednet.

Seednet is strongly committed to maximising the uptake of new varieties, subject to quality, agronomic fit, and a demonstrated benefit to growers. We believe growers should benefit individually and in aggregate from the uptake of new varieties. We also believe that new varieties should demonstrate some desired trait or special quality advantage over existing varieties, and should make a fundamental contribution to improving the average quality profile of the national crop. Alternatively, new varieties should demonstrate some form of agronomic benefit relative to existing varieties, and should thereby contribute to improved gross margin returns for growers.

Seednet understands the importance of continued research and development, and facilitates this through our investment in a number of breeding programs. The products of such research have the potential to maximise sustainable production, accelerate the adoption of superior grain varieties and improve the overall quality of seed available to growers.