End Point Royalties


The introduction of the Plant Breeder's Rights (PBR) Act 1994 in Australia was intended to enable breeding programs to generate financial returns from new varieties and to encourage the flow of international genetic material into Australia. Seednet supports this concept, and has established an End Point Royalty structure as the most appropriate mechanism to contain seed prices and generate financial returns to breeders and their commercialising partners from new varieties.


Seednet has implemented some fundamental changes to the way we administer our seed licencing arrangements in order to streamline the documentation associated with the purchase of a seed variety in respect of which Seednet is a grantee or licensee of Plant Breeders' Rights (Seednet Variety).


Key elements of Seednets' current seed licencing arrangements include: 


  • Each time a grower purchases seed, the grower simultaneously enters into a licence with Seednet on the Seednet Variety Licence (PDF 99 Kb)
  • A grower does not need to sign the Seed Variety Licence, as the grower is taken to agree to the licence terms and conditions at the point of sale.
  • A set of Seednet Variety Licence (PDF 99 Kb) will be made available at the point of sale.


The Seed Variety Licence terms and conditions apply to all purchases of Seednet Varieties purchased during that season. Therefore, it is important that you take the time to make yourself fully aware of all the terms and conditions associated with the purchase of a Seednet variety.


The key points of the Seed Variety Licence include:


  • A Seednet Variety can only be purchased from Seednet or a Seednet Partner approved retailer.
  • Seednet Varieties are protected under the Plant Breeders Rights Act (1994).
  • End Point Royalty is payable on all grain production (except seed retained by grower for re-planting).
  • No grower to grower trading of Seednet Varieties is allowed.
  • Licence obligations are enduring.


 GRDC EPR Factsheet Sept 2011  (PDF 786kb)