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Hindmarsh Factsheet (version Feb 2011) (PDF 224.61 Kb)

Media Release - 18 Nov 2010: Barley Australia announces new Food Grade classification (PDF 136.89 Kb)

Media Release - 11 Nov 2010: Graincorp announces new Hindmarsh 'Food' Barley Grade (PDF 101.01 Kb)

Media Release - 11 Nov 2010: Barley Australia - Hindmarsh falls short of Malt Accreditation (PDF 1122.50 Kb)

Regional Suitability: low to medium rainfall areas of SA and VIC

End Point Royalty:  $1.65 per tonne (including GST)

Variety Summary

* Accredited for human consumption markets
* Outstanding yield potential
* Excellent grain plumpness, superior to Schooner
* Resistant to CCN
* Higher average hectolitre weights than any other feed barley
* Semi-dwarf variety with excellent head retention and lodging resistance
* Relatively "itchless" to handle due to short rachilla hairs
* Resistant to powdery mildew, leaf scald and net form of net blotch

Note: Growers are requested to read and agree to the Seednet Variety Licence (PDF 98.06 Kb) prior to purchasing Seednet varieties.