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PBA Oura

Erect 'dun type' field pea

PBA Oura Variety Management Package (version Sept 2011) - (provided by Pulse Breeding Australia) (PDF 1697.00 Kb)

Type: Erect 'dun type'

Regional Suitability: Field pea growing regions of south eastern Australia and W.A.

End Point Royalty:  $2.86 per tonne (including GST)

Variety Summary

  • Low risk option for bacterial blight
  • High yield potential and broad adaptation
  • Early to mid flowering and maturing
  • Erect growing, semi-leafless plant type
  • Early maturity allows crop topping
  • Grain marketable as 'Australian dun type'

Note: Growers are requested to read and agree to the Seednet Variety Licence (PDF 98.06 Kb) prior to purchasing Seednet varieties.