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PBA Striker

Desi Chickpea

PBA Striker Variety Management Package (PDF 1.2Mb - version Aug 2012) - (provided by Pulse Breeding Australia) (PDF 1205.27 Kb)

Type: Desi


limited seed available 2013. Contact Seednet

Regional Suitability: low to medium rainfall chickpea growing areas of southern Australia and Western Australia.

End Point Royalty:  $4.40 per tonne (including GST)

Variety Summary

  • Highest yielding across all chickpea growing areas of Western Australia and high yileds in the low to medium rainfall areas of southern Australia
  • Moderately Resistant (MR) to ascochyta blight
  • Improved early vigour compared to PBA Slasher
  • Early flowering and maturity
  • Semi spreading plant type
  • Medium sized desi seed with excellent milling quality

Note: Growers are requested to read and agree to the Seednet Variety Licence (PDF 98.06 Kb) prior to purchasing Seednet varieties.