Product Profile



Scope CL

Clearfield Malt Barley

BA Media Release - Scope Malting Accreditation (PDF 106.34 Kb)

Scope CL Factsheet (version April 2013) (PDF 315.84 Kb)

Clearfield Scope Grower Licence - In addition to the standard Seed Variety Licence, growers of Scope CL are required to agree to this additonal Clearfield Licence. (PDF 36.97 Kb)

BASF - Clearfield Intervix Factsheet (PDF 3163.77 Kb)



Regional Suitability: most barley growing regions of Australia

End Point Royalty:  In accordance with Scope CL being approved as a malting variety, the EPR for Scope CL is increasing from $2.97 to $3.85 per tonne (GST incl), for the 2014/15 harvest onwards.

Variety Summary

  • Excellent tolerance to certain imidazolinone chemistry
  • High grain yield
  • Early to mid season maturity 
  • Moderately tall plant  type
  • Approved for malting and brewing

Note: Growers are requested to read and agree to the Seednet Variety Licence (PDF 98.06 Kb) prior to purchasing Seednet varieties.