PBA Kelpie XT

PBA Kelpie XT


Please note that Plant Breeders Rights protection for PBA Kelpie XT is in progress and will be in place when seed is available.

Also note that the current information sheet for PBA Kelpie XT is a preliminary document while the Pulse Breeding Australia version is being finalised.  

  • Large red lentil with tolerance to Imidazolinone herbicide
  • Good early vigour
  • Early to mid flowering and maturity
  • Similar disease resistance to other Imi-tolerant varieties


End point royalty (GST inclusive)

$5.94 per tonne


Grey seed coat, red cotyledon


Red Lentil

Regional suitability

VIC and SA lentil growing regions


Growers are requested to read and agree to the Seednet Variety License prior to purchasing Seednet varieties.