PBA Zahra
Faba Beans

PBA Zahra

Faba Beans
  • Large seeded faba bean variety, similar to PBA Rana. Suited to the Middle East markets
  • Wide adaptation and very responsive to high yielding situations
  • Suggested as an alternative to PBA Rana
  • Vigorous plant type with good standing ability
  • Resistant to the most prevalent strain of Ascochyta blight (pathotype 1)
  • Moderately susceptible to the new Ascochyta blight strain (pathotype 2) recently identified in the mid north of S.A.
  • Improved chocolate spot and faba bean rust resistance compared to Farah and Fiesta VF

End point royalty (GST inclusive)

$3.85 per tonne


Faba Beans

Regional suitability

South Australia, Victoria and Southern NSW


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