Product Profile





Compass Barley Update - Feb 2016 (PDF 219.03 Kb)

Compass Factsheet (PDF 903.17 Kb)


Currently 'Feed'. Undergoing Malt accreditation.

Regional Suitability:

Suited to all barley growing areas of Australia.

End Point Royalty: 

$3.80 + GST per tonne

Variety Summary

  • Exceptional grain yield
  • Domestic and export malt quality profile (malt accreditation decision expected March 2018)
  • Low screenings and high retention package
  • CCN resistance
  • Mid to early maturity
  • Medium plant height with good head retention

Note: Growers are requested to read and agree to the Seednet Variety Licence (PDF 98.06 Kb) prior to purchasing Seednet varieties.