DBA Vittaroi


DBA Vittaroi has recently been found to be sensitive to acidic soil types so it is not recommended for pH (CaCl2) below 6.0

The Crown rot rating for DBA Vittaroi has changed from VS to SVS (upgraded one level)

  • Early to medium maturity
  • Higher grain yield than EGA Bellaroi under irrigation
  • Excellent tolerance to lodging under high input irrigated agronomy
  • Grain, semolina and pasta making quality are superior to EGA Bellaroi
  • Low screenings similar to Jandaroi and superior to EGA Bellaroi
  • Good resistance to all three rusts

End point royalty (GST inclusive)

$3.63 per tonne


ADR for Northern & Southern NSW and QLD. Application being made for SA & VIC

Regional suitability

Irrigated durum producing areas of NSW and QLD. In development for dryland SA & VIC


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