Royalty Payments

A grower who purchases a Seednet variety has an enduring contractual obligation to pay an End Point Royalty on all production, except grower saved seed.

A grower who purchases a Seednet variety has an enduring contractual obligation to pay an End Point Royalty on all production, except grower saved seed, and this can be done in either of two ways:

Option 1

Deliver directly to one of the authorised Collection Marketers (listed below) - the End Point Royalty (GST inclusive) is automatically deducted by the Collection Marketer upon payment for the grain, and a Tax Invoice prepared and sent to the grower.

Option 2

Growers can choose to market their commodity grain to any third party (ie non Collection Marketer) or use on farm for stockfeed, subject to payment of the End Point Royalty to Seednet. In this case, the grower must declare these tonnages on the Harvest Declaration Form (sent via NGR each year). A Tax Invoice will then be issued from Seednet to the Grower for payment.


Authorised Collection Marketers

Collection Marketer Royalties collected on these Commodities
PB Agrifoods Soybeans
Agri-Oz ALL
AG Schilling & Co ALL
AGT Foods (Australian Milling Group) ALL
Allied Pinnacle ALL
Agrocorp (Associated Grain) ALL
AT Waterfield & Son ALL
Australian Grain Export Pty Ltd ALL
Australian Growers Direct ALL
Bean Growers Soybeans
Blue Lake Milling Oats
Bunge ALL
Cargill / AWB ALL
CHS Broadbents All
Centre State Exports Pty Ltd ALL
CLEAR Commodities ALL
Croker Grains ALL
Export Trading Group Aust ALL
Fletcher International ALL
FXG Group All
Viterra ALL
Graincorp Trading / Graincorp Pools ALL
Hanlons ALL
Itochu All
Jerilderie GS & H ALL
JK Milling Pty Ltd ALL
Louis Dreyfus - Emerald ALL
Manildra Grain Trust ALL
Mara Global Foods Soybeans
Market Check (AgRisk) ALL
Mellco ALL
PB Seeds Pulses
Peagrowers Co-operative Pty Ltd Pulses ONLY
QLD Cotton – Mt Tyson ALL
Quadra Commodities ALL
Quaker Oats Oats
Riordan Grain ALL
FTA Foods Pulses
Wilkens Grain ALL
Wilmar Gavilon ALL
Wimpak ETG ALL
Woods Grain ALL
AgriOm ALL
Allawah Commodities ALL
Esperance Quality Grains ALL
McNaughts Grain & Fertiliser ALL
Melaleuka ALL
Premium Grain Handlers ALL
Robinson Grain ALL
Tremletts ALL
Arrow Commodities ALL
Chester Commdoities ALL
Deacon Seeds Pulses
CropConnect ALL
Graincell ALL
Inghams ALL
Planfarm Grains ALL
Priag Marketing ALL
Profeeds NQ Soybeans
Pure Foods Milling ALL
AEXCO Export Hay only
Brahman Commodities ALL
Riverina Australia ALL
Venedor International ALL
Gehrke Grains ALL
Advantage Grain ALL
Adams Australia Pulses
Chalmers Grain ALL
Cootamundra Oilseeds Canola
Energreen Oilseeds
Inari Pulses
Mandala Trading Pulses & Oilseeds
MSM Milling Canola
PB Agrifood Soybeans
Pinnacle Grains Oats
Riverina Oilseeds Canola
Standard Commodities ALL
Tiger Commodities ALL
WA Grains ALL
Altora Ag Services ALL
Hartree Partners ALL
Profectis ALL
Shepherd Grain ALL
Wirrinourt Pastoral ALL
Independent Grain Handlers ALL
L & W Investments ALL
McKenzie Ag Services ALL
Pacidic Feed Co ALL
Western Riverina Grain ALL

It is up to the discretion of the marketer as to whether or not they are in the market for the above commodities during the harvest. Growers are therefore requested to contact their preferred collection marketer listed above to discuss marketing options and to reconfirm nearest delivery site(s).

Important information applicable to all Seednet varieties.

  1. The contractual obligation to pay an End Point Royalty on all production (except grower saved seed) is enduring. The same conditions apply in subsequent years to commodity produced from grower saved seed.
  2. The grower is free to sell grain production to any third party, provided the tonnage is covered by an appropriate End Point Royalty. Consequently, if the grower has not delivered all grain production to an appointed Collection Marketer, an End Point Royalty payment is required for tonnage sold to external grain marketers or end users.
  3. End Point Royalties apply to all grain production (except grower saved seed) including production utilised on farm as stockfeed.
  4. Grain cannot be sold to third parties for seed purposes under the PBR Act, even if the redelivery obligation has been discharged by an End Point Royalty.
  5. No End Point Royalty is payable on production retained for use as seed (Grower saved seed) by the Grower who originally purchased the seed.


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