Where to buy our products

Landmark Seednet branch

Wholesale and distribution

Our seed varieties can be sourced from a wide range of rural suppliers such as Landmark, Elders, CRT, independent resellers. Not to mention our network of Seednet Partners.

Row of silos

Seednet partners

Our network of 19 regionally-based rural seed businesses – servicing retailers and growers – deliver quality products, backed by local knowledge and expertise.

Retail Sales Advice

Retailers are required to complete and return all grower sales details on a Retail Sales Advice form.

Download the Retail Sales Advice form


Seednet Variety License

All sales of Seednet Varieties to a grower are conditional upon and subject to the terms and conditions of the Seednet Variety License (as amended from time to time), and any purchase by a grower of a Seednet Variety shall be deemed to constitute acceptance by the grower of those terms and conditions.

Download the Seed Variety License