• Dual purpose medium-tall premium milling and domestic hay oat
  • Premium milling grain quality - Uncle Tobys tick of approval
  • Early-mid maturity
  • Resistant to Stem and Leaf rust
  • Strong grain yield performance in medium-low rainfall areas
  • Good early vigour that could provide an opportunity for grazing
  • Yallara produces high quality domestic hay
  • Low screenings and high groat percentage and good hectolitre weight
  • Bright grain (high Minolta L) and high grain digestibility for the livestock and horse feed industry
  • Low grain oil content and moderate-high hull lignin
  • Resistant to CCN and intermediate resistance to bacterial blight

End point royalty (GST inclusive)

Grain - $2.20 per tonne Hay - $2.20 per tonne


Milling and Hay

Regional suitability

Low-medium/high rainfall zones


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