Soybean Varieties


Soybean Varieties
  • A high yielding, clear hilum soybean variety to replace A6785 or Soya 791 for northern NSW and southern QLD growers seeking a human consumption alternative in the mid-season planting window
  • Richmond has a compact plant type to minimise lodging and clean leaf drop and even ripening for easy harvesting
  • Resistant to Powdery mildew, highly tolerant to manganese toxicity and has the highest weathering tolerance of all current clear hilum varieties

End point royalty (GST exclusive)

$6.00 per tonne


Human consumption soybean

Regional suitability

Northern NSW and Southern QLD


Richmond seed is available from

Mara Global, Shannon Brook NSW

PB Agrifood, Toowoomba QLD

Bean Growers Australia, Kingaroy QLD


Growers are requested to read and agree to the Richmond and Hayman Soybean Grower License prior to purchasing these varieties